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We offer a variety of services for every budget. 
A professional Interior Designer can actually save you money!  With a background similar to architecture, a designer can help decide how best to budget your money, whether for a remodel or a new addition.
Did you know that any Designer can decorate, but not every decorator can design?  To find out the difference, please follow this link to the American Society of Interior Designers.
We have been involved in Commercial & Residential projects.  Most projects begin with an hourly fee of $35.  You may request a quick walkthrough ($50 minimum charge) for ideas on updating.  Or you may need a designer on retainer for the new home you're having built.  Please contact us for more information.
Did you also know that interior design is for everyone, not just the wealthy?  Take advantage of our newest service - interior REDESIGN!  We will come to your home or office and show you how to make the most of what you already have.  Often, by rearranging furniture and re-placing items from other rooms you will feel like we've designed you a new room. . . We have, but you didn't spend money on new items!  Cost for this service begins at $50 for the first hour of consulting, with an additional $35 per hour over the initial hour.
Are you selling your house?  Did you know an Interior Designer has a few tricks that might make it sell faster?  Consultations are $50 for the first hour, and $35 for each additional hour.



Floor Plan for a Residence

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